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The Heavy Book by Judy McClure

In the Chautauqua Editorial course at UNCW students are tasked with creative projects. These broadsides were produced by Editorial Assistant A. J. Bachmann in the course..

The magical nature of books and the reverence they can inspire is expressed in this broadside through both the background image and the excerpt from “The Heavy Book” by Judy McClure. There is a centerline through the “I”, lights, and spine of the open book that helps balance the broadside. The dark upper righthand corner allows the title and author’s name to have their own space to shine. The circular text relays the sense that we never get enough of what books have to offer and are always coming back to consume their magic.

This paragraph excerpt from “The Heavy Book” by Judy McClure was chosen because of its ability to convey the sense of calm and possibility that can come with getting into a new book of poetry. The accompanying image frames the excerpt and allows it space to exist without distraction. The most noticeable element of the image is its darkness. When combined with other elements like the books, white mug, and wooden desk, it echoes the excerpt’s sense of tranquility. Finally, the serif font Dederon reflects the type of fonts often used in poetry books while still having enough weight to balance out the other aspects of the broadside and keep the focus on McClure’s work.

Editorial Assistant A. J. Bachmann

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